I walk through the woods
and just sit listening.
I feel as though I’ve come home
from a long journey.
I feel the strength
of purity and wisdom
from things we don’t know,
or comprehend as mere humans.
Perhaps we never shall.
The silence fills me,
yet the silence is filled with noises.
Organic. Alive.
Older and wiser.
The beauty overwhelms.
This purity of sound and life
consumes me as they
slowly invade the life beside
mine, joining it in a single beat.
I feel calm, whole, myself but better.
This is peace at it’s purest,
with knowledge of something greater
of which we beings might never accept.
There is no name here.
There is no fight for supremity.
No wars in the name of differences.
Instead we should listen, and learn.
Let it fill our souls with goodness.
This is life. This is our earth.
Let us try. We must
if we are to flourish
and live on as one.
We have but one chance.
Let us not waste it.

-Bryn Greenleaf

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